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Fish in Water Second Edition

Fish in Water Second Edition

  • Chapter 1

The Hidden Influence of Media in Our Lives
Joseph Shaules/Shoko Itoh/Sanae Saito/Stephen Jenings

■Critically investigates topics such as the information provided by the media, and the role of the media in modern society.
■The revised edition offers updated reading materials including digital media and the Internet to meet the needs of today’s generation.

TEACHER TALK - Words from the Author.

Introduction to the Revised Edition

In the past, we learned about the world by reading books, sitting near storytellers or learning from respected elders. The information about the world, as well as our entertainment, came from objects we could touch - people we talked to. Today, information is all around us. It comes through the air into our homes, onto screens, billboards, our workplace, the street...everywhere. We are inundated; awash in information, swimming - for better or worse - in the sea of media.

The media world is changing fast. Mashell McLuhan was the first to use the term "globall village". He recognised the modern media is changing the way that people relate to each other and see the world. In recent years, television, newspapers, books, advertising and movies have been joined by a powerful new force: global connectivity and social media. In spite of these important changes, we seldom think critically about the media's role in society, who creates it, and our responsibilities in shaping it.

This newly revised edition introduces these topics to a generation that takes the new media for granted. If we aren't thoughtful media consumers, we end up like fish in water. We drift though media water without giving any thought to the environment that nourishes and sustains us.

This book is designed as a content-based text to be used in a wide range of English classes. It has warm-up activities and interactive discussion activities. It can be used for reading, and for anaylyzing and discussing the role of the media in our lives. The larger goal is to learn how we can become active, intelligent fish, swimming purposefully through our media water.

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