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Newsletter & Lesson #8

Newsletter & Lesson #8

Newsletter #08

In this week’s newsletter, we explore "locked room mysteries." Shimada Soji has made this type of mystery popular in Japan with stories like Tokyo Zodiac Murders. The mysteries often begin with an impossible murder - for example, a man is shot dead on a snow-covered street and yet there are no footprints around him. Or a gun is delivered in a sealed envelope to the police station several minutes before the actual murder took place. Such mysteries are popular in TV shows and novels, but could they be used in the English-language classroom? To find out more about locked room mysteries, click here.

今週のニューズレターでは、「密室ミステリー」について考えてみましょう。 島田荘司は、この種のミステリー小説を日本で広めてきました。代表作に『占星術殺人事件』などがあります。ミステリー小説の多くは、ありえない状況下での殺人事件で始まります。たとえば、ある男が拳銃で撃たれ、雪道上で死んでいる。ところが、死体の周りには足跡がない。あるいは、拳銃が封印された封筒に入って警察署に届けられるが、それが実際の殺人発生時の数分前だった――といった具合です。このようなミステリーはテレビ番組や小説ではなじみ深いものですが、英語の授業でも使えるのではないでしょうか。「密室ミステリー」についてさらにくわしく知りたい方はこちらをクリック。

Newslesson #8

In News Focus #8, we go to Shaanxi Province in the central part of China, home of the famous Terracotta Army. This huge army of clay warriors was buried with the First Emperor of China more than 2,000 years ago. The First Emperor was obsessed with "life after death" and wanted the army to support him in the after death.The Terracotta Army was accidentally discovered by farmers a few decades ago.If you are interested in finding out more, then click here.


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